Peace Begins With Me

My calling (dharma) and passion are to help you work through physical pain and emotional blockages through holistic methods. I have spent 10 years amassing my toolkit so that I can provide the right key to unlocking your most healthy and vibrant self. The mind, body, spirit connection is an integral part of my practice and I will guide you on a wellness journey to find and naturally heal the root causes of your pain.


I will help you find your body’s innate healing abilities with Ayurvedic principles of balancing the doshas through diet and lifestyle. With the Bioscan Pro, I am able to analyze and reset your body with the correct bioenergetic frequencies of each organ and system, including the lymphatic and immune systems that have such a vital role in our health. Through Yoga Nidra I help you access your subconscious and make new neurological pathways that promote deep relaxation and healing. I use the Completion Process and EFT (tapping method) to find the emotional blockages, traumatic memories, and patterns of behaviors that are negatively impacting your emotional and physical body and together, we work on releasing those blockages to help improve your mood, sleep and overall joy in life. I use massage therapy to provide physical pain relief from stress and tightness. I can and will use one or a combination of these modalities to help you find optimal health! Your healing journey does not have to be scary or overwhelming, let me be your guide on this process of unfolding, self-awareness and natural healing.

My Specialties and Passion Areas of Expertise

How my Journey Into Healing Started

A few years ago I ventured into the world of bioenergetics, the electromagnetic frequencies of the body and the concept that our bodies are pure energy and the rate at which the cells vibrate, determine what cells and how well they function. Current scientific discoveries show the validity in these safe, non-invasive machines that help to restore balance to our frequencies. I knew the Bioscan Pro was an amazing way to help others heal but felt a pull into Ayurveda. I literally heard the term in my head one morning as a whisper of my soul and have committed to that path of ancient healing. I am so pleased that these two modalities marry into a concrete offering of whole-body health for my clients. Mind, body, and spirit are harmoniously and integrally connected and having the training to treat all aspects of a person is a blessing. I am so excited to share my specialties with you and help you heal from emotional and physical pain!

proper massage mckinney massage
The very start of my wellness journey began a little over ten years ago with me enrolling in massage therapy school at Irene’s Myomassology Institute. I have practiced massage therapy as an LMT for over 13 years and have loved the way I can help people reduce tightness and pain! It has been so fulfilling and a joyous profession. Wellness took center stage in my life when I became a mother for the first time. Motherhood is a sacred journey and it has given me so many powerful insights into emotions, behavioral patterns, and physical health. I have used my children’s and my own health crisis’ to drive me to a deeper understanding of the human body and how to keep it healthy.
I am happy to say that with my methods of empowering the body to its optimal health through Ayurveda, bioenergetics, supplements and a holistic lifestyle, my children are rarely ever sick. However, with Ayurveda I am able to help heal them from colds, allergies, stomach problems, scrapes, cuts and all the other health hiccups that manifest in a child. I empower other mothers with this natural and holistic approach to family health care through online and in-person workshops. Spreading the knowledge of how herbs and different formulas enhance the body’s natural healing abilities is so rewarding!
Emotional release, Yoga Nidra and the phycological aspects of Ayurveda became a big part of my life a little over 3 years ago after a traumatic family crisis. I was able to help myself through this experience with these techniques and am thrilled to be able to share them with my children and others. Inquiry into the soul, subconscious and fractured aspects of ourselves is a bedrock of a joyous, peaceful life that we all desire. The journey for me, had many ups and downs with little guidance and I hope to make the process of self awareness, awakening and soul retreival smother for others.
I hope that you will allow me to embark on your wellness journey as your guide. The journey is often life changing, mesmerizing and enboldening. I hope you always find the joy and healing that is our birth right and inherant in our souls. I look forward to meeting you! Nameste